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A Survey! In honor of Twenty Weeks (half-way... wowza)!
Sorry for the blurry picture! Self portrait with no flash!

About the Mommy!
Name: Meegs
Age: 27
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
First Child: Yes

About the Daddy!
Name: Trav
Age: 29
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
First Child: Yes

Finding Out!
What day did you find out?: June 16, 2009
How did you feel when you found out?: Excited beyond belief
Who was with you?: Trav was around, though not in the bathroom with me
Who was the first person you told?: Trav, then Ro & Babs
How did they react?: Thrilled! All of them!

Telling the Grandparents!
How did your parents react?: My mom screamed, my dad was a bit more reserved.
How did his parents react?: With hugs and congrats. Plus a bit of, we sort of thought you might be... ;-)
Are they helping with baby names?: Nope, we already had names in mind.
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Not yet, though my mom made us the curtains for the baby's room and brough up a sweater that my brother and I both wore when we were babes.
How often do they call to check on you?: About the same as before we were pregnant. Thankfully! :-)

About the Pregnancy!
When was your first appointment?: July 2nd
When is your due date?: February 23, 2010
How far along are you?: 20 weeks
Have you had any ultrasounds?: Yup, three (two official, one quicky).
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes
What was the heartbeat?: 140 at 7 weeks, 162 at 12 weeks
Sex of the baby: Find out next week!!!

About the birth!
Do you know what you are taking with you?: No idea... probably some kind of comfort/focus item, clothes for me and the babe... not sure what else?
Who is going to be with you?: Trav
Are you going to videotape it?: No
Natural or Medicated?: Natural, hopefully!
Do you think you will need a c-section?: I certainly hope not.
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time?: Probably.
Do you think Daddy will cry?: No, but maybe he'll surprise me.
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: Probably something along the lines of "Hello Little One!"

Do you have a name picked out?: We have both a girl and boy name picked out... we'll see next week which we get to use.
Is your baby going to be named after someone?: If its a boy, both of Trav's grandfathers. If its a girl, not really... though both names are similar to those of people in my life.

Other Random Questions!
Have you felt the baby move?: Yes! Blips which have turned into bumps. I'm still waiting for some good solid KICKS.
What was your first symptom?: Peeing more, then horrible nausea
Will your baby have God-Parents?: We are leaning towards yes, but have to look into what that will actually involve.
What is the baby’s room theme?: Polka dots, I guess.
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: A car seat... we found a good sale!
Will you cloth diaper?: No, I don't think I have the umph for that. Though I'm hoping to use more natural organic, clorine-free diapers like Seventh Generation, etc.
BFing or Formula?: BFing
What is your favorite pregnancy book?: Your Pregnancy Week by Week and I'll Never Have Sex with You Again: Tales from the Delivery Room (which is funny as heck)
What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: Having a glass of wine and eating a ton of sushi!
What physical features do you hope baby will get from Daddy?: His beautiful blue eyes and his height
What physical features do you hope baby will get from you?: My eye shape and my nice calves.
Is he ready to be a Daddy?: Yeah, he's nervous but excited.
Are you ready to be a Mommy?: I can't wait.

Two more views of the belly:

From the front you can't even tell, but then I turn to the side...

ps. Our furry girl is 11 months today! I can't believe it!!
She celebrated by puking by my feet while I peed this morning. Fun!

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