pregnancy brain + phone call distraction =

Me locking my keys in my car this morning, while the car is running.

Luckily it was beautiful out at the moment and I had my purse/phone with me... so I called AAA (that's why we have it right?), and 30ish minutes later (which I spent talking to my mom... the distracter, lol) I had my keys in my hand and was waiting for the next train. The the dude totally earned his pay, simply for not laughing at me. Thank you Mr. Car Dude!

Now onto the rest of my day.

Ps. Meet my new shoes:

Thanks to a facebook message I got tons of recommendations, and these babies jumped out at me. I ordered them up from (free shipping), and they should be arriving in the next week or so. I love them already. If you want to compare, THESE (in green) are the old, eaten by doggie ones.


  1. Sorry I distracted you ... I just don't get to talk to you enough now that your commute is on the "quiet train!"

  2. Very sweet shoes! Let me know how they are!! They look SUPER comfy! I definitely need that. Sorry your day wasn't so great :( but at least it was nice out :) We need to get together soon... I think I say that too much :-/


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