::cough:: owwww

This week is busy... two big events at work (Monday and Wednesday), and a doc appointment every other day (midwife on Tuesday, dentist today, and regular doc tomorrow). Its more that a bit crazy and I can't wait for the weekend to get here.

I'm feeling pretty good except for this lingering cough, which just keeps going. And lingering. With the coughing. Ugh. The worst part... I definitely pulled a muscle or bruised a rib on my right side from all the coughing, so now every. single. one. hurts like a mo-fo. Seriously hurts. Which makes coughing even more annoying... and not just for me, I'm sure, since I sound something like this: ::cough, cough, cough:: uhhhhhh.
I brought in Clo.rox wipes today to disinfect my mouse, keyboard, phone, etc. in an attempt to not get myself resick, or get my coworkers sick.

On a nicer note, both work events went well! And the Phillies tromped the Yankies at their stadium, which is just so nice and satisfying. I didn't stay up for the whole game (past my bedtime people), but absolutely loved Cliff Lee's super cool, ain't-no-thang catch of that pop fly.

Just in case you missed it:

Love it.

Okay, have to get to work now so I can get lots done before my dreaded dentist appointment (dun-dun-dun!)... I hate those things. Bye!

Ps. THIS is a very touching article about the president witnessing first hand the casualties of war. Its sad, but a good reminder of that each individual lost is a horror.

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