fun with the pup

See what happens when you're sick and basically don't leave the house for a week, with only a puppy as your companion for most of the day:

(Wearing Trav's sweater... then trying to tear it off.)

(Sad puppy eyes... Mommy, I don't want to wear the sweater.)

Sitting "like a human" with Trav:

The weekend was very relaxing. We didn't leave the house at all... just to take the pup out obviously. We both slept a lot, and ate a lot, and just took it real easy. It was exactly what we needed. I still have a bit of a cough, and a bit of the snuffles, but otherwise I'm feeling good.

Now I'm back at work, which is a bit weird since I haven't been here in almost a week. Hopefully I can get all caught up quickly, and not too run down on my first day back.


  1. the pics of the puppy are great. Made me giggle a bit :) thanks for that :)
    Glad to hear your weekend was well. I'm really glad to hear you're doing a lot better too! Sniffles will probably hang out for a bit, but I'm glad you got it taken care of right away.

  2. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!! Cough hangs on for a while. Husband had it too and is still coughing 2 and half weeks later. Rest and rest and more rest!!! and of course cuddling up with your pup and husband works wonders too!Jean


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