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Doc appointment this morning... good news is there are no secondary infections! No ear infections, no bronchitis, and no pneumonia. And, contrary to how I felt last night, no cracked ribs either.
Last night was HORRENDOUS. I was in pain that brought me to tears. Pain that had it been one iota worse, or had I not had the doc appointment scheduled for this morning already, I would have had Trav take me to the hospital. Doc thinks its just a badly sprained muscle (right side rib area towards the back)... though obviously/unfortunately not a muscle I can rest! Every cough, sneeze, yawn is horrible... and I have episodes of spasms that are agonizing. So I got a prescription cough medicine to hopefully keep me from having the big episodes of coughing, which should give the muscle a chance to heal. In the meantime, I can ice it and take the Tylenol. Yuck.

Now, two things to make me feel better.
Because the baby animals make me feel all melty inside:

(Seriously, if that little sea otter paw grabbing the side of the bin doesn't make you go "aww", you have no heart!)

And because I LOVE me some Polamalu, and this makes me laugh:

Now off to finish my day and get my weekend started.


  1. I am glad you went to the dr. That lingering cough had me worried.Just have a take it easy weekend.Hope you feel better soon. Jean

  2. I'm REALLY glad to hear you're alright, just take some extra care to your rib. That just sounds so painful :( I'm sorry you have to feel so horrible.

    On the other note though, I LOVE both of those commercials! I actually bought 2 bottles of that soap and it's awesome, plus they donate $1. :) I'm always down for helping out the animals :)

    Troy is my man!!!! I absolutely love how he's in those commercials they crack me up every time :) He's such a great guy and an amazing player!! GOOO SSSTEEEEELLLLEEERRSSSS!!!!! :D (I say this wearing my steelers hoodie) hheehee


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