friday, friday

So the blips are turning into bumps and rolls. I'm feeling them a bit more now too... mostly in the evenings and when I first lay down to bed, though also in the afternoons some too.
This week, I've been feeling really good too. ::knocks on wood, throws salt over shoulder, says three hail marys, spins in circles:: Its been a week since I've been sick and most mornings this week I didn't even have any bad nausea! I'm hoping this is for real... week 19 is plenty long enough for the morning sickness to have lasted!

Trav is home today on one of his furlough days... so he's working on the office some. Everything we are moving out of the room was moved out Wednesday night and last night, and Trav moved the rest (his dresser and the desk, which won't fit anywhere else right now) into the center of the room to be covered by drop clothes. This morning (he called to alert me) he started steaming off the wallpaper border. Well apparently the previous owners put approximately 200 layers of paint in this room, some over wallpaper, so not only did he steam off the border... but a few layers of paint as well! So it looks like we'll be steaming the whole walls to remove multiple layers, which adds time... but in the end will make our paint go on easier and nicer, without bringing down the walls in the process!

Tomorrow is the Garlic Festival in Easton... which Trav and I are excitedly attending. We're psyched, because we LOVE garlic. Basically everything we eat on a regular basis we add garlic to, and I plan to eat enough free samples of garlicy things tomorrow that our baby comes out smelling of it.

As for now, time for me to run and eat something... I'm starving!! Have a great weekend.

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  1. haha! I laughed out loud to the thought of your baby smelling like garlic!


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