ultrasound pic, prayer request, and weekend away

First off... here is our little girl, with her hands up by her face:

Isn't she a cutie? ;-)

As for that prayer request...
I just got a call from the Birth Center that while everything looks perfect with our little girl (her measurements are all spot on), my amniotic fluid is low. So I have to go in for another ultrasound tomorrow morning with the perinatologist to see if it was a fluke thing (mis-measurement, I was a little dehydrated, one off reading) or something we need to worry about (depending on the level could mean monitoring, bed rest, hospital stay for fluids, etc). I'm trying to be relaxed about this and just assume that it is nothing until we hear otherwise, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. Can I seriously just not have a normal pregnancy?!
Prayers or low-fluid experiences are requested. Thanks.

On a nicer note... we had a wonderful weekend away! The weather was chilly and it rained/drizzled off and on for the whole time we were there... but the B&B we stayed at was wonderful, and we had a really nice, relaxing time. Plus, the fall foliage there was lovely.

Some pictures:

Train ride:

Waiting for the steam train to pass:
"Haunted" tour through the old jail:

It was an easy drive up and back, the place we stayed was very nice, and the pup was good for Trav's coworker (who puppy sat). All-in-all, it was a wonderful weekend away, and I'm so glad we did it.

Now its back to work for me... though Trav still has two days off (one each furlough and vacation). Back tomorrow afternoon with news.


  1. Lots of T&P headed your way. Please keep us updated.

  2. Prayers for you and your little one until the good news finds you.

    I know it is easy to get stuck in doubt and fear so just hang in there.

  3. Hey I hope everything turns out alright and it was just you were dehydrated.. I will be reading again tomorrow!

    Where did you guys go? Looked beautiful and yeah.. I'm jealous you had a nice relaxing weekend off and away :) I need one of those as well! Best of luck hun! (and btw I posted on our blog which has seemed to come to a hault as of recent)

    love you!

  4. Prayers are coming your way.I hope you get good news tomorrow. Jean


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