12 things

Things that are fun: 
1. New glasses:

(And a baby on a train.)

2. Getting to see my best friend this weekend (she's meeting Gwen for the first time)!! I can't wait!

3. Gwen just tried chicken for the first time last night.
She was about as sure of it as she was of any other food the first time she tried it... but I'm hoping she'll enjoy it even more tonight. I think I'm going to start sending some food into daycare for her soon too. Right now she gets cereal twice a day (once at daycare and once at home for dinner), and food once a day (at home with dinner). She's starting to get better and better with the food, so I think I'll be comfortable enough soon to start sending some in to eat in addition to her cereal at daycare.

4. Fun cars in Center City:

5. Harry Potter... in less then a month!
Also in less then a month: Halloween, getting my hair chopped off and donated to Locks of Love, our biggest work event of the year, my bitty babies 9 month pictures!

6. Puppy Snuggles:

7. Morning baby snuggles.
The teething hell continues, and with it Gwen's not great sleep. Its been better lately, but still not good. However, since she's been waking at 5:20ish the past few days, I've been grabbing her and bringing her to our bed. That way I can breastfeed her laying down, and then we can snooze a bit more until the alarm goes off. Though it will be awesome when she starts sleeping better again... and later... I am enjoying the early morning baby snuggles.

8. Busy days at work.
I find that my work aggravates me the most when things are super slow (especially when I don't have any personal projects that I could work on in the meantime), so that I feel unchallenged and therefore unfulfilled. Work lately has been the exact opposite! Busy, full of projects that I'm really enjoying, and ones that have a concrete finished product that I can be proud of. Sure I still wish for something a little more me. But overall, lately the days have gone by quickly, and I've been satisfied at the end of them.

9. Finding a fabulous dress, that fits me like a glove, for our big work event:

My postpartum body is so different then my pre-baby body. My boobs are bigger, my belly is rounder, my thighs and hips are curvier too. It was harder then I anticipated finding something that looked good, was appropriately work dressy, and didn't show off my back tattoo. This one flattens what needs to be flattened, and accentuates the curves I want to show off. This is especially good because of #1 below...

Things that make me go Ehhhhh...: 
1. Did you notice above how I was listing upcoming things I'm excited about... and how our biggest work event of the year comes AFTER getting my hair chopped off? Well, its two days after to be exact. I'll admit, that makes me nervous! What if I don't love it? What if I love it, but haven't figured out how to do it well yet? Hence why I needed a really great dress!  :-)  Distraction.

2. I really, really hope that more then one tooth pops out in Gwen's mouth soon...
because if all this discomfort is for one stinkin tooth, I'm going to cry. I already told you how Trav slept holding her on the futon Sunday night... well, Monday night I ended up fighting to get her to sleep from 11 - 12, then giving up and holding her to sleep on the futon from 12 - 3. After that she slept in her crib from 3 - 6, so that was nice... but I was a bit sore and tired the next day for sure. Last night was better, but still not great. Girl woke and I fed her at 11something, then she woke and Trav rocked her back to sleep at 2something, then (as mentioned above) she woke and I brought her to bed with us at 5:30ish. I'm so so glad that Trav is able to rock her back to sleep. I didn't want her to have to rely on the boob... and it is amazing to have the help at night during this, otherwise I don't know how I'd make it.

3. Speaking of boobs... I has two. And they are currently disappointing me.
I think the lack of sleep lately has played a HUGE roll in this, but my supply has dropped a little. It sucks because I'm not adding to my freezer stash at the rate that we are pulling from it (a bag a day... which we always did to rotate through, but now I'm not adding a bag back in everyday). I'm doing my best to pull it back up... only 4 more month until we hit my goal of a year, at which point I'm going to start introducing her to other liquids during the day anyway. I know I can do this, it just sucks that I have to worry about trying to pump things up. I'm doing my best to get extra rest when I can, drinking as much water as possible, taking my vitamins and my Blessed Thistle & Fenugreek supplement, pumping longer whenever possible, and eating plenty of calories & lots of protein during the day. I might add an extra pumping session to the evenings if I have to, but it would be exhausting to try to fit in, so I'm really hoping I don't need to. Any other suggestions?

All in all, there are way more good things then bad... so I think I'm doing alright here!


  1. try pumping early in the morning BEFORE gwen's 1st feeding. you'll have to get up earlier (which will suck), but you'll pump more out. you can also try pumping at night before you go to bed.

  2. I actually do pump in the morning, either before Gwen wakes, or right after feeding her (depending on if she's pulling a "hey 5am is a great time to get up" or if she sleep until I get her after my alarm). If she sleeps well I'm often engorged enough that I can get a full bottle, in addition to what she eats.

    I might have to add in the before bedtime pump.


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