pumpkins and puppies

Travis had an alumni meeting to go to Sunday for most of the day. I knew I didn't want to stay cooped up in the house all day (especially since the weather was supposed to be so nice)... plus, I realize that here it was, a week from Halloween and the end of October, and Gwen hadn't had her first trip to the pumpkin patch yet! So Sunday morning I called Ro up and asked her if she wanted to join Gwen and I at Linvilla Orchards. She did, so off we went.

It turns out... Gwen is not such a big fan of pumpkins! Maybe its because they are almost as big as she is, but every time I tried to get her to sit with a pumpkin, this happened:

Oh well... we still had a really nice time.

After that we headed to the BabiesRUs to pick up some gifts for some babies we'll be seeing in the coming weeks, then it was home to try to get Gwen to nap. It didn't work so well, but for the most part she seemed none the worse for it.

Showing off how good a stander she is... one handed, and she's even started letting go and standing solo for a second or two at a time.

Then we headed outside to relax with the pup for a bit... which Daisy loved!

Trav arrived back home after that, and we just relaxed for the rest of the evening. We did take advantage of this relative "heat wave" (70s, that heaty for fall!) and cook our dinner on the grill.

Today is nice and warm again... highs in the mid-70s, so I'm going to take advantage and go for a walk around the block (hopefully that will chase away some of the still lingering cobwebs... she woke at 12 and 4 last night, and it took a while to get her back down at 4).

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