our weekend: a picture book

Friday night was lazy and quiet... we ate dinner, then played around on the floor like normal.

Bedtime was a chore though, and I decided to try going to bed about 15 minutes earlier from now on. I think I was missing her early tired clues and she was getting overly tired, and therefore a little crazy. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to get her down on Friday.

Luckily, after that she only woke briefly to eat at 10ish... then slept until 6:05!! Then she was a real babe and slept for another hour. Yay!

We thanked her by torturing her with a monkey suit. :-)

Trav's coworker lent this to us... since we already have 2 other Halloween costumes, we decided just to take some quick pictures, then give it back.

I think Gwen appreciated that since it was about 2in too short!

After that Gwen drove us to the grocery store* to do some shopping.

Then she drove us home again... hard right!

I did my first back carry with my precious BB Slen...

It was great for while i was making our lunches. Although getting her up there was interesting because she kept pulling my hair (hence why its in my top of the head knot)... goober.

We all walked down to the local playground after lunch to try out the swings.

It was an amazingly gorgeous fall day - warm sun, cool crisp air, clear skies - so we had to take advantage. Especially since they are calling for another week full of rain.

Gwenie was a fan of the swings... she was sleepy, so I think she found the swinging motion very soothing.

She just zoned out.

Daisy love getting to walk with us too... this is her favorite kind of weather also.

Then it was back home to relax and play with our toys.
Gwen checked on Trav...

... and nummed some stacking cups.

Trav also switched the compost from our big plastic bin (our gathering container) to the actual composter. We need to roll it once a week, but we'll have some lovely compost in no time.  :-)

After that, we treated ourselves to some sushi for dinner. And I got Gwen upstairs to start bedtime about 20minutes early (she was extra tired since she wasn't a great napper during the day). Bedtime went so much more smoothly!! Hopefully it will keep working that well.

Now its Sunday and I'm about to head off to meet Ro for my belated birthday treat, pedicures! We decided to hold off and do them this weekend since my Hoser's wedding is next weekend... so we'll have nice toes for it.  ;-)  Can't wait!

This afternoon I'm going to be roasting some butternut squash (half plain, a quart sweet, a quarter savory... just to see how we like it!), and we'll be doing some straightening/cleaning, but otherwise we're looking at a relaxing afternoon. A great fall weekend.

As an aside, I've always bruised a bit on the easy side... I get that from my mom. I'll wake up with bruises that I have no idea how they got there. On my legs, my arms, all over. But this is the first time I've ever found them on my stomach, let alone a matching one on each side:

And they really hurt! Weird, right?

*Gwen did not actually drive us to the grocery store. But she did enjoy pretending, while we sat in the car so mama could finish her breakfast sandwich.

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