it was a dark and stormy afternoon...

I think its been raining off and on today (its certainly been dark), but I really couldn't tell you since I've barely left my chair, let alone the office. I'm trying to be super productive today (succeeding too!!), and the rest of the days this week, since I have off on Thursday. I can't wait... it was originally because I was heading to my Hoser's wedding rehearsal (I'm doing a reading)... but since it's a 2-hour drive each way, she told me not to worry about it. I believe her exact words were, "Seriously... do NOT drive 4 hours so you can practice a 5 minute reading!!" But I realized this weekend that I never "un-took off" the day. So I'm going to enjoy it! Gwen will still go to daycare, and it will be a whole mental health day, just for me! I'm going to get some chores done, stuff that is harder to do while entertaining a moving baby (organize our closets, sort some clothes, probably pack for the weekend, etc)... and I'm also going to watch crappy TV, read good books, snuggle with Daisy, and eat food in a leisurely fashion. I'm sure I'll cook us a nice dinner too - something that normally would take too long for a weekday. Suggestions? What's a good fall food that you're craving right now?

Speaking of days without my baby... this weekend is Hoser's wedding, which will be my first night away from the babe. It's going to be weird. I'm so looking forward to celebrating with everyone, and an uninterrupted night of sleep, and getting to sleep in the following morning... that will all be wonderful. It will also be my first time having to pump in the middle of a wedding reception, which will be interesting! Lol. (I'll have good company... my old college roommate, Hannah, my pumping partner from Hoser's bridal shower.) But it will definitely be weird to be away from my baby for a day, to not be the one to put her to sleep at night, and not be the one to get her good morning kisses. It makes my stomach a little fluttery to think of it, but I know she'll be fine. She'll be in her Nonnie and Pop's (my mom and dad's) very capable hands. It will just be hard to drive away.

In any case, it's October! And I'm so excited that this month is here. This weekend is Hoser's wedding, next Wednesday will be 10 years for Trav & I, that weekend my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit (my first time meeting her), the weekend after that I get to see my Babs(!), and the weekend after that we're meeting a friend's baby for the first time on Saturday, and Sunday is Halloween! So much to look forward to.

Speaking of things to look forward to... its time to go home! Back soon.

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