Friday, my brother Ethan and his girlfriend Elise came up from DC to visit for the weekend.
This is Elise (and Ethan)... Hello, Elise!

This is also my fussy, most likely teething baby... Hello, Fussy Baby! (More on that later.)

Anyway, E and E came up to visit with us on Friday. It was wonderful to see them. I haven't seen Ethan since the summer and I hadn't met Elise yet (she's super sweet).

On Friday we went out to a nice sushi lunch (a good break for me too since work was busy busy busy), then they left their bags at my office and went to the Franklin Institute. They rejoined me at the end of the day to head home on the train. 

We hung out and had Chinese food for dinner. Gwen had some green beans and Cheerios, which she greatly enjoyed.

Saturday we were up bright and early, because that's how we roll now... but those college kids were still sleeping, so Gwen and I took some 8 month pictures. Outtakes:

WWE style
I like to call these three, the stages of face eating:
Face grab.
We also wore our adorable Thing 1, Thing 2  Dr. Suess outfit.

I had to take a picture of her butt in it... so cute! I love the pockets!
After that E and E came down to join us...
Hello Uncle Ethan.
We went out to grab some breakfast, then hung out for a little (I actually sat in the car for 30min after we got home while Gwen napped... she really needed it, more on that below too). Then it was into the city for E, E and I, for some more wandering about. Trav had a bachelor party to go to that night, so he stayed home since he had to leave for that in only about an hour.

We walked to the Art Museum first, so the tourists could run up the stairs, a la Rocky. :-)

After that we took a taxi down to the Reading Terminal Market and walked around forever, checking out all the goods. Elise bought some licorice (some of which she gifted to Trav and I, so sweet). Ethan bought some honeycomb for Elise, a piece of turkey jerky and some pumpkin pie fudge (delish!). I bought two candies, a peppermint hot chocolate for myself and a coffee for Ethan. I ogled lots of different meats at the booth run by a group of Amish from Lancaster... especially their uncut slabs of bacon! Mmmm. However, trying to schlep home pounds of meat didn't sound like fun, especially since I was already carrying almost 15 lbs of meat:

Then it was home for Gwen and I... on to our girls night. Just little G, me, and Daisy. Gwennie was restless. A combination of still fighting off a cold, and what we think is teething, has led to a cranky baby who isn't getting enough sleep. She was having trouble napping, and has been waking up 2 - 3 times a night (post us going to bed, sometimes she wakes once before 10 too)... just uncomfortable and unhappy. Occasionally she'll put herself back to sleep one of those times, but mostly she needs some cuddles, maybe some Highland's teething tabs, and some boobing. For the first waking, she normally goes back to sleep no problem... but lately that second (or third) waking has been rough. She'll go back to sleep, but restlessly, so that when I try to put her back into her crib, she wakes crying... repeatedly. Its no fun.

Saturday night was no different. I was up with her twice (I think... its a little fuzzy), then she was basically up for the day at 6:15. I brought her into bed with me and we lazed about, cuddled, and played for an hour and a half, then took a little 20 - 30 minute snooze with her head resting on my stomach, then a little more playing before we got up for real at 8ish. We headed to the store to get out for a bit, then ate some lunch, after which Trav got home. He didn't get a lot of sleep the night before either (though obviously for VERY different reasons!), so he headed upstairs to shower and take a nap. Gwen took a quick nap too, played for a while, then we went for a walk with Daisy. It was beautiful out on Sunday! Once we came back, we woke Trav up (it had been 4 hours!) so I could hop in the shower. I headed out with Gwen to a different store, and again ended up sitting in the car for a while on my return to let her get more of a nap (the car puts her to sleep a lot when she's tired).

After that we lazed around. Gwen was definitely a bit crabby. My poor babe... I hope those teeth come in soon so we can all get some rest.

Sunday night Gwen woke twice again, and it took me about 40 minutes to get her down the second time. So when she woke up just 20 minutes later, I couldn't do it. I tapped Trav awake, and he was great and headed right in to get her. From the sounds of it he got her to sleep once, but she woke when he tried to put her down. So next thing I know I'm waking to my alarm at 6am, with no Trav beside me.

Ignore the angry face... he didn't appreciate the flash!!
When I headed into Gwen's room, I found my sweeties sleeping on the futon together. I'm glad they got the sleep. And I'm so glad Trav is willing to take over for me when I need it.

As for today... another busy day that flew by. I've been working on a big project for work... our annual report which doubles as a brochure type program for our biggest event of the year. Needless to say it has to be good, and I'm really enjoying being involved in the process. Though there were some coworker frustrations with it, only doubled by the fact that it was a little hard to concentrate. The lack of sleep is definitely catching up with me. I think this is more then one good night can fix, but it would be a start and that is what I'm really hoping for tonight. I've been going up to bed at 9 most nights, just trying to catch up where I can, and tonight will be no different.

So on that note, I'm off... wish me luck with sleep, and I'll take any advice you have for helping a teething baby to sleep better!!


  1. Your bro's GF must be good people...all of us Elises are ;)

    As for the teething babe, have you tried having her sleep in the carseat? Sometimes the pressure of cutting a tooth and laying flat is too much so inclined sleeping can really help.

  2. Its funny you say that because I almost tagged you in a photo on facebook instead of her! I've never had more then one Elise in my life before... luck me to have two now. :-)

    Unfortunately sleeping in the carseat won't work... we have a convertible, so its not easy to pop in and out of the car. Plus, she only likes sleeping in the carseat when the car in moving, otherwise she just finds the thing annoying. She also is a side/tummy sleeper mostly. I always put her down on her back, but she is on her side often before I even leave the room. So being confined to her back would probably wake her up.

    Thank you for the suggestion though!


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