Is it odd that Trav and I exchanged cards this morning because I just completely forgot to grab his and hand it to him yesterday, and he stuck mine in my purse to be all cute and surprise me... but instead I just realized that I really need to clean out my purse some because I didn't even notice it was there!? Is it weird that I was just as excited to stay in and eat hoagies from the local pizza joint with hubby and baby and puppy, as I would have been to go out and eat at a fancy restaurant, just the two of us? I think we're just low-key people.

That said, I did get beautiful anniversary flowers:

Aren't they lovely?

And, two more pictures from this past weekend, because they are fun.

Travis and the bride:

What happens when drunk Travis tries to take a picture of SEVEN girls... (go ahead, count...):

Today is almost over and I'm so excited for tomorrow to arrive... and my brother to arrive with it. Can't wait to see him. For now, back to work!

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