rejuvenated! or, two hands are better then one!

Yesterday was a mental health day for me, and it was amazing. Its impressive how much you can get done with two hands, when you are used to only having one available!  :-)  I slept in a little, saw my loves off, ate some breakfast, then headed to the store. I talked to my dad, baked a lasagna (recipe to follow... its wonderful) which I later froze in individual portions. I used the extra noodles to make some chicken and cheese cannelloni for dinner. I also cooked some chicken breast to use for on our Caesar salad tonight. It was wonderful to get to cook big involved recipes in a relaxing way. I really love to cook, but our evenings are normally so full now that its hard to find the time to do it. 

But I didn't just cook... I also washed our sheets (since my parents will be sleeping on them tomorrow night), did dishes, put away three baskets of laundry, sorted out some of Gwen's clothes which I then packed away, sorted out a few of my things to be packed away with my maternity wear or to be given away. Besides that I hung a framed piece of art and straightened up a bit, emptied Gwen's diaper pail and picked all the overripe tomatoes from the part of our neighbor's tomato plant which grows into our yard (they got composted). And when I showered, I cleaned the shower too.  :-)   In between that, I managed to eat a lot of yummy food, and watch some reruns of ANTM. Its a guilty pleasure. And of course, I pumped.

The best part, I did it all in a leisurely way... so I didn't feel rushed, or worn out... I felt productive and rejuvenated! I think I'll have to start taking a few of these days a year. 

And at the end of the day, I got to snuggle with this cheeky girl: 
Taken at daycare the other day (her teacher sent it to us)...
entitled, "I don't want to nap, I want to play!"
A great day, and a great lead up to what should be a fabulous weekend. 

Ps. Something funny... the same day that picture was taken, Gwen's teacher put her down for a nap. Gwenie sat up and was talking and sucking her fingers. The teacher had to go to the other part of the room for a minute to check on something and when she peeked back into the crib section she expected to see Gwen laying down asleep. She was still sitting up though, so the teacher stayed where she was and watched, but Gwen wasn't moving. After a minute or so the teacher snuck over to see what was going on... the silly thing had fallen asleep, fingers in mouth, sitting up leaning against the side of the crib!! Lol. What a goofball.

Pps.  On a random note, I think I decided on my next tattoo (ages from now when I'm done breastfeeding)... 

Just a mock-up obviously, but what do you think? Best part, I think my brother might go with me.

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