a fabulous fall weekend, in two parts

Oh Monday, Monday... (can't trust that day)
Another week, the last one in October. Can you believe that? I can't. This month, my favorite month, has flown by. I'm sure the fact that we had something going on every weekend made it go even quicker then normal. This past weekend was no exception. Both days were very fun, but very full. Two parts, since this would be way too long otherwise.

Saturday... what an awesome day. I got to see my best friend Babs for the first time in over a year! Which means that my baby finally got to meet her Auntie Babs!! She is in PA visiting from Cali for a month. She's leaving the 11th of November, but will come spend her last PA weekend down at my place. This weekend though, Gwen and I headed up to her parent's place. It was wonderful.

Pictures are worth a thousand words:

The best part... my "I'm never having kids" Babs is now rethinking her anti-baby stance (just to clarify, anti-baby for her, not babies in general!).  :-)  What a great day.

We headed home around 4:30 to meet Trav for dinner (satisfying a craving at Chick Fil-A), where we talked about our days (he had been quite productive in our absence), then it was home to get the babe in bed.

Oh sleep. What a subject of continuing rollercoastered emotions! We're up, we're down, we sleep for 6 hours, we're up every 2-3 hours. My nights are getting fuzzy here (probably from not enough sleep!), but we had a night or two in there that were great. One (Friday, probably) she woke at 11, then slept until 5, then snoozed in bed with us until the alarm went off at 6. Another (Saturday night, I think) she woke at 11 and 2, but then slept until 7:15! But then, we have another bad night like last night. She didn't nap well yesterday, so I wasn't surprised when she was out quickly... in bed by 7:20ish. But then she was up around 11:45 and took a while to go back down, again at 2ish (I think?), and then again at 5, when she came into bed with us and alternated between breastfeeding, sleeping on me, and crying. For last night, I think part of the problem was that she seemed super gassy. We tried broccoli for the first time yesterday, so that might have been the cause (definitely no more broccoli for her for a while!). Hopefully tonight will be better... we all need some more Zzz.

That's all for now... but tomorrow I'll have another post, with picture from Gwen's first experience with a pumpkin (spoiler: she's not a fan!! lol).

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  1. I'm so glad Babs and Gwen got to meet. What great pictures!!! I hope you all get some good, sound sleep soon.


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