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I feel like I owe you this:

Really I haven't not blogged that much this week... but here it is Friday, and all I've managed to do is tell you about last weekend, and post some (admittedly awesomely cute) pictures of Gwen and pumpkins. And I don't have a lot to offer today, still busy finish up this big work project, and getting everything wrapped up before the weekend. Next week should be better, and I have posts brewing in my head about perceived judgment, sleep (always with the sleep) and what we've been working on to make it sounder, plus I'm sure I'll go on and on with pictures from Halloween. I can't believe Monday is November already... where is this year going?

In the meantime... I just wanted to share two things I think are neat.

So this video... love it!:

And as shared by the lovelies at Our Growing Family... Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

Mommy is a Leo:
Your deep emotional generosity is a great gift to your child. Leos make proud, bold, and determined mamas; your big heart and protective nature will help ensure that your child knows he is well loved. Leo moms are also highly creative, so make sure to explore the arts with your child from an early age -- this is a surefire way for the two of you to bond. Go to museums, take a craft class, do a messy art project together at home. One thing for Leo Moms to keep in mind is that your larger-than-life personality and natural flare for the dramatic can sometimes overshadow your child. Make sure you give your babe plenty of time in the spotlight, and appreciate him for the unique creature he is.

And my baby Aquarius (this is the dawning of the age...):
Aquarian babies are natural rebels who like to do things their own way. Get lots of toys to keep your child from becoming restless during tummy time, and lock those cabinets early. Give her the chance to crawl freely on grassy lawns and toddle around the playground. Embrace her discoveries by letting her collect the rocks and other little treasures she finds. Support her individuality by allowing her to decide which outfit she wants to wear or which stuffed animal she wants to sleep with. And introduce new toys, books, and games regularly: Kids born under this sign are bright and often develop ahead of schedule.

These were pretty spot on for us... at least so far! We'll see if Gwen grows more into her Aquarius sign, or not. What's your sign? Does it fit you?

More next week, have a great weekend!

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  1. I am 100% Libra. The description fit me almost too perfectly. PBS is also an Aquarius and fits that well. LMC is a Leo and that is pretty spot on too.

    I did pick up a helpful hint or two from that link.I think there is a lot to be said for astrology.


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