singing praises

So often people talk about the companies, individuals, or items that bother them or don't live up to their name. I'm guilty of this myself... I mean I have a whole vent label, but nothing for praises. However I totally need to focus on one of "the good ones" in this post.

I'll throw in some random pictures to break it up. :-)
This one is blurry, but too cute not to share.
Clearly you all know I'm breastfeeding... and that I'm pumping during the day at work. It's really important to me, and its also a pain in the ass (well, a pain in the boob at the moment... I have a clogged duct again). I got the Medela Swing as a baby shower gift and used it for the first time when Gwen was only two weeks old after she refused to latch on two one boob one night. I used it about one or so a day from one month on, to build a stash and/or let Trav give a bottle. And since coming back to work at 3 months I've used it 3x a day, 5 days a week. It has gotten a good workout!!

Isn't this the cutest onesie? It says Mummy Loves Me.
Well maybe two weeks ago I noticed the suction wasn't as good. And every once in a while it would just shut off for no apparent reason. But that was rare, and it was still working just fine... so I didn't worry about it.

Today however, it started shutting off frequently. So I got a little nervous, what if I couldn't get it to turn back on one of these times?! I would be screwed!

The mummy also glows in the dark.
So I called Medela* a few hours ago... hoping to find a fix. And a fix I found.

They are sending me a new one. For free. And its already on its way!

We love our brown bear.
If I didn't already love Medela, I would now!!  :-)  How I wish all customer service was so friendly, fast, and efficient at solving my problems. I will definitely continue to use their pumps, and bottles.

As an aside, remember the bruising that I mentioned at the end of this post? I took this two days later:

Seriously tummy, what is up?!

And that's all I have for you today, because I'm still super busy. But I am getting everything done, so I'm still taking off tomorrow!! Yay!

*Medela does not know me. Well, I guess they sort of "know me" since I called them earlier today. But they don't know about my blog, and they don't know about this post, and they do this just because they are awesome and not because they want a silly little blogger like me to write about them. /disclaimer

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