AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and soo many pictures.

Well, I'm not really in that much of a mood to write a big entry right now, but I have so many great pictures to post!! I think I will actually have to do two entries for them all... we will see. Lets start with the Phillies game Trav and I went to last week....

Here's one of us goofing off in the stands...
he's avoiding the camera, and my hair is looking fine. :-)

Here's the Phillies kicking some ass... see our man rounding to third?!

The new Park is nice... I hadn't been there before.

Now here are the promised pictures... Andy and Megan's beautiful wedding. Unfortunately, when I downloaded the pictures to our comp, I saw that a lot of them had not turned out very well at all. I was really really disappointed. Normally my camera does a real nice job... but I guess it wasn't ready to handle the "mood lighting" all weekend. Boo. But here are some that did turn out:

The two Megan's... the Bride and I at the rehersal dinner.

Here are the brothers... my sweet sweet fiance on the right, and Andy, the groom (his older brother), on the left.

Here's one of Trav and Anna Beth...
she was one of his best friends growing up.
Story: There was a family that had three kids, whos ages were the same as Trav and his brothers. They lived next to each other, so they always hung out, since each of the brothers had someone their age to hang out with, plus their moms were good friends. AB was the sibling Trav's age... so they basically grew up together.
She is a great girl!

Now the actual ceremony:

All the groomsmen lined up and ready to go.

Its hard to tell just how beautiful the room looked from this picture... but i actually had more luck in the next shot, which was sans flash...
However, here is the beautiful couple, starting their ceremony.

Another shot of the ceremony.

This is at the cocktail hour, the Groom's mom... my future mother-in-law is on the right in the pinkish dress (she looked gorgeous!!), in the middle is one of her best friends, Debbie, and on the left is Mrs. K, a close family friend - AB's mother (and a regular hoot to be around!).

Travis (isn't he handsome!) and I at the cocktail hour.
My dress look familiar?! :-)

The head table.
They had the most amazing flower arrangments!

Here is their first dance as husband and wife...
very sweet.

Megan and her father...
isn't her dress gorgeous...

Well, I guess that is all for now. It really was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful weekend. And surprisingly I got all the pictures I really wanted into this one entry!! Woo!
Now, it is time for me to get back to work. Hope you enjoyed.

Happy first day of Autumn Everyone!!!!!!!!
I absolutely love this time of year.


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