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I hate the DMV. It is a horrible place created simply to make decent, hardworking people want to poke their eyes, or whomevers eyes are in the immediate vacinity, completely out of their head.
The DMV, and their forms, and their idiotic way of doing EVERYTHING, makes me cranky... it stresses Me Out, AnD ThErE ARE ONLY TWO WEEKS TO AUTUMN AND THIS IS MY HAPPY F*IN TIME OF YEAR AND I SHOULD NOT BE STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... deep breathe.

I thought everything was resolved with my old car, but apparently I was much to hopeful. First there was a problem with proof of insurence stuff (now hopefully rectified), then a problem with forms (on its way to being rectified). Now I would like to banish everyone in the DMV to that special place once reserved for IRS agents and terrorists.

On a happier note, I thought I would post some cute pictures from Jen and Kim's wedding (the one I babysat for), which are from Jen & Kim's photo page.

Look at those adorable sisters! And here is the whole Wright family.

Now two of the cute couple.

Don't they just make the sweetest newlyweds? I think so, especially is the very artistic (we'll ignore that it was raining, because it is just too cute) umbrella shot. So sweet. They just brightened my day a little, and I thought I would brighten yours with them since until now I was a little, um, sour.

Okay, back to work.


  1. did you take those pictures? I've never seen those before! And I look awful in the one of the three sisters, but it is cute that there is a 3 sis shot.
    and dear god, do you know how many letters are in the word verification this time!!??

  2. oh, jen finally put them up on her webpage, thanks for the update!


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