His Disfunction is My Disfunction, That's how We Roll.

It's funny how these things just come to you. I was sitting here doing my work when a conversation from last weekend came back to me, and I just had to laugh (and therefore share).

Travis and I are in the car, driving home from my grandparents. We were talking about the day, and about the reception sites we saw. He gets distracted by the radio and can't remember what he was about to say, when he comes out with this:

Travis: Oh honestly, I have no more brain bananas.

Me: I think I missed that, it sounded like you said brain bananas.

Travis: Yup, and I think they are all gone.

I am staring at him as if he has brain bananas growing out of his ears, and am suddenly seeing it for the very first time. Who is this man? Honestly? But he remembers what he wanted to say, so the conversation continues.

Later he has trouble with another thought.

Travis: Yeah, someone definitely stole my brain bananas.

I think I've been sharing too much dooce with him, because that sounds exactly like a Leta thought. Honestly.

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