a comic or two (not mine, so they are funny), and my questions/answers

(both of these are from the amusing and biting website The Catch Penny)
And an oldie, but goodie (please don't spam-hate me here... it's not my creation, nor do I hate Jesus, those who love Jesus, nor those who don't love Jesus... its just a joke):
Now my questions/answers in answer to this post...
From Ro:

1. How early do I need to tell you where we are going and what we are doing for your bachelorett party? (Keep in mind that I have you booked friday night starting at 6 pm until Monday night ending at 10 pm on the weekend of 9/1/06-9/4/06)
It's really up to you. I know when I am needed, which is one of the most important things... so you can tell me now, or you can tell me on Friday Sept. 1, 2006 at 6pm. Keep in mind that since I'm clearly spending the night somewhere, you might want to let me know a few days in advance so that I can pack appropriately. (So maybe you can't tell me on Friday the 1st at 6... but Wednesday night would be fine.)

2. What does your ideal male hotty look like?
I'll skip the easy answer of: Just like Travis... even though he does have a lot of my ideals. ;-)
Let's see, my ideal hotty. I love blue eyes, and brown hair, and a nice body. A six-pack is great! I also love the "bad-boy" look, even though I'm not so keen on the "bad-boy" attitude anymore!! Honestly, my ideal is less about specific parts and more about how the guy carries himself, and how comfortable he is in his own skin.

3. Preference: mostly naked man in boxers, briefs, or some type of thong thing?
Hmm... I'm actually a fan of the boxer-briefs... I think they are kind of sexy. But I would take boxers over briefs, and DEFINITELY over thongs Anytime!

This is kind of fun. More questions later, if i get them!

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