shout out... that's right, I have priorities...

Sorry for the not-real-entry entries that I've been posting, and will probably continue to post for the next few days. One of my coworkers who was behind on one of her "duties" suddenly caught up, and as I am next in the chain, I suddenly have a inbox HUGELY full of stuff that I now need to take care of, like immediately NOW. So that unfortunately bumps up doing real work on my list of daily priorities, and drops blogging a space or two. Not enought to actually stop me, mind you... but enough to make my entries shorter. Anyway, I have plenty to do, so off I run... please excuse the lack of real coherent thoughts over the next few days, but rest assured, my boss will be out multiple days in the coming month... and as October is my favorite of all the months, I'm sure I will have much to talk about. And more time to do so.
In the meantime... just wanted to say:

"Hi Travis!! Love You!!"
I've recently discovered him to be a lurker... meaning, he actually reads me, but chooses to remain silent.
"Hi William!!"
Whom recently has been a lurker, but has spoken once again. :-) Thanks Bill.


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