is it a bad sign...

when I grab a Reese's, and just the sight of it is enough to make me so giddy that what escapes from my mouth is a maniacal HEHeeehehhehheee heee?
*insert weird looks from office coworkers*

This probably explains the incredible proportions that my ass has assumed... as fully documented by this weekend's bridesmaid dress fitting. Although honestly, I blame genetics a lot more. Don't blame the Reese's!

This past weekend was a nice one. Pretty relaxing overall... Friday night and Sunday we did almost nothing! And loved every minute of it. Relaxing, Sunday there was football basically all day. It was nice.
Saturday I had the aforementioned fitting. I met Megan at Mike's place and we headed off to dirty Jersey... only about a 40minute trip, to Kay's Bridal where Megan got her wedding dress and found the bridesmaid dresses she liked. I was the last to get my measurements taken, getting four busy girls together on a weekend isn't as easy as it seems... but finally all the measurements are in, so today the dresses are being ordered, and they will come in sometime in December. They look pretty similar to this dress, but in this color. It was a lot of fun (beside learning about the dimensions of my posterior... j/k), and I enjoyed spending the time with Megan. Now we have next weekend to look forward to... we are hitting up a Bridal show. It's fun having someone to plan with... I'm hoping to win some kick ass door prizes!! :-)
Ro & Pat came over Saturday night to chill with us for a little. We just lounged around and ate dinner together, talked a bunch, and watched some football. It was nice. Overall, it was a pretty laid back weekend.

Trav also agreed to let me have 5 bridesmaids... which I think is just the right number. So, without further ado... I present my bridesmaids:

Maid of Honor: Heather

Matron of Honor: Rochelle


Megan (Trav's brother's wife)

Lauren M.

Yay for all my beautiful wonderful women!!

Trav also decided on his wedding party, but that is secret until he gets a chance to ask everyone. Shhhh... ;-)

Okay, back to work for me. Ciao!


  1. is there something wrong with the images? They are not showing up on my browser.

  2. They are showing up in mine... so i'm not sure what is up. What kind of browser are you using?

  3. I can't see them either.
    and you need more megans in your bridal party.

  4. I can see them. Maybe you fixed the problem.


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