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So, two of my co-workers aren't here today, two of co-workers that I really really like, two of the co-workers that deal with my bosses poop, and make it not so smelly for the rest of the office. They are not here, so I am on poop duty alone. I'm not a big fan... especially since there is a board meeting here today, and therfore I have to look composed and put together, and not like my head is about to explode and I want to lock my boss in his office.

So I blog...

Questions from Barry:

1. What ingredients do you prefer in chicken salad?
I actually am just now starting to be accepting of the whole "something" salad thing. Only about 6 months ago did Travis get me to start eating pasta salad... and I still only eat my tuna with mayo and nothing else so get away from my tuna with that celery you sicko... Ahem.
So, to answer your question. I have never actually had chicken salad, and therefore do not know what I would want in it. Presumably not celery.

2. Do you think Europeans are cooler than us? qué?
Um, for the most part yes (please stop the hate, i'm so not anti-American). They tend, as a whole and very stereotyping to the whole of the world, to be more cultured then Americans. They speak more languages (I mean each person, not just the whole of Europe with its 500,000 countries)... most speak English and the language of their next closest country neighbor, on top of their native language. Sure this makes some of them arrogant pricks, but hell, so are a lot of Americans. They don't walk around bragging about being the leader of the free world, and they get a hell of a lot more vacation days.
I want to take a month off.

3. Will you spank your kid(s)? qué?
Hmm. This is a tough question... I don't think I will... I honestly don't think that hitting your child is the best way to go, all it proves is that you are bigger then them and shows them that hitting is punishment and so they should go ahead and hit if someone has wronged them, or that mommy is a hipocrite if thats not true. I'm much more a fan of strict talking to's, taking away of toys, and losing of priviledges. That being said... I think that a little tap to the top of the hand when your kid is being a real hell-baby and throwing things etc, won't kill them.

Okay, now I have to be productive. Hopefully I haven't made too many enemies with my answers today!

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