rain rain go away

So, it's a little dark out today... the temp hovering around 69-70 degrees. I'm actually really enjoying it. Maybe not the rain so much, but definitely the chill to the air. I love snuggling up under my blanket at night, and as we don't have A/C in the house, it was a looong blanketless summer for Trav and I. But the past few nights have been a real treat. We leave the windows open to get the breeze, and can snuggle together under our comforter. It is great.
Ahh, Autumn.

Anyway, back to work for me... I've cut the Inbox down by about half, but will only be in the office until 3 today. I have to cut out with another office mate to run a meeting we are holding in the city, nearby. So that makes it hard to get everything done. But hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow I will be caught up. :-)

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