So tomorrow I will be, notably or not/noticably or not, absent. I will be leaving a little early from work today so that Trav and I can head out to Ohio for his brother's wedding. It should be a great weekend... we are looking forward to seeing everyone and being there for Andy's big day. It will also be interesting for me to watch them introduce his new wife, as her first name is Megan also. Maybe its just me, but i have the feeling it will be a little odd to hear someone else walking around with what, in a years time, will also be my married name! But she is so awesome, so I am proud to share a name with her.

Anyway, as excited as I am about leaving work early and about the weekend in general, I'm not so excited about the 7 hr. trip out there. Bleh. Way too long of a car ride. But what can you do. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy their weekend as much as I think Trav and I will.

Okay, back to work for me... I will have plenty of pictures (& most likely stories) to share upon my return I'm sure.

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