3 weeks more

Three weeks to go until autumn is finally here... that excites me in ways that you don't even know.

Yesterday I finally got my new work computer. Which I was informed I would get about 4 weeks ago... and now it is finally here and hooked up, hallelujah. The old one was a piece of crap, which froze up constantly, and showed me the blue screen of death more times a day then I spend hours at work. Finally I can work in piece without fear of computer malfunction. :-) It is a good day.
Unfortunately it meant I was rather unproductive yesterday because our tech guys took a 2 minute process, and turned it into an all day event. Thankfully that is over.

Yesterday also seemed long because of the fact that Travis had off. Although the boy was very productive, and in fact finally made good headway on our closet project that we've been "working on" since we moved into the damn house. He finally got all the ancient wallpaper stripped off and sanded the whole thing down. Now we just have to paint it, hang the bars, and we have a closet!!

This weekend (3 blessed days) we will be heading up to upstate PA (Scranton area) to check out two more reception places, and to visit with my gram and pop. All have the potential to be wonderful, exciting times... or to make me want to poke my eyes out. I'm hoping for the former.
We are also planning to finish the closet... we'll see about that.

Two weeks and Trav & I will be heading to Ohio for his brother's wedding. I'm excited to see the excess. It should be gorgeous. I adore his brother, so I'm honestly looking forward to this.

Honestly I don't have much more to say right now. I'm not in a bad mood at all, but I think I'm just a bit tired/out of it today. I almost forgot to wash my hair in the shower this morning. I had to go back in the bedroom 3 times for things I forgot. Thank God it is almost the weekend.

Okay, more work.

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