please stop me before i sell travis to the highest bidder.

I have an Ebay Obsession.
I went on to find one thing (a particular anniversary present for Trav), o-n-e, and now I have 7 things in the My Ebay section... I've won 3 (anniversary present, bridesmaid gifts - about 11 months early, and autumn leaves to decorate with at the reception - again, at least 11 months early), am bidding and winning on 1 (another thing of f*ck leaves), have been outbid on 2 (a polariod guestbook and, you guessed it, some more leaves), and am watching 1 (a beautiful handmade guestbook).

It's a sickness and I am powerless to stop it. I just need to resist more auctions until the one I'm winning on is over, and then I should be okay. Once the My Ebay section is clear, I think I will be alright again.

I mean, at least I am buying worthwhile things... and as we get closer to wedding time, I'm sure I will buy more things on there... they have gorgeous sets with guestbook, ring pillow, garter, etc. for relatively inexpensive. It's a good way to save us some dough. But for now, I just need to stop.

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