Thank God tomorrow is friday because I think I just about reached my breaking point today. It was rough... just one too many "surprises" and upsets with all the new car/old car/insurance crap. Our insurance guy was having a little trouble communicating with us about some things, and we in fact have still not received any pricing info from him about how much it will cost to change some insurance stuff around. It's been a number of days, he's had the time. Plus getting rid of the old car is a pain in the ass, but will luckily be done tomorrow. So, finally around 1 o'clock I had just had enough, and started crying while on the phone with Trav telling him about the notary- women- that- was- coming- to- our- house (inhale) this- evening- to- make- the- signing- over- of- the- title- of- the- old- car- to- the- donation- place- official. (Deep Breathe.)

Luckily he realized how upset I was and called me back to try and make me feel better.

Luckily also, I have some great friends at work, and two of them - Joe and Miyano - took me out to lunch for my birthday. That was fun, relaxing, just what I needed.
Plus I love sushi. Mmm.

Follow that with a meeting that was actually informative, and exciting due to updating that will be taking place at work (I'm getting a new computer for starters)... and the afternoon flew by much more pleasantly then the morning.

And now, best of all, it is time to go home.

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