babies and cake; cars and naked

And on the sixth day, God made babies. He gave them adorable giggles and soft cheeks. And it was good.
And on the tenth day (why not?), God made cake. He gave them frosting and made them delicious. And it was good.

Saturday I attended Miyano and Hiro's party for their adorable baby Yuilu, with whom I share a birthday. He will be one. It was a lot of fun, with great food, and a great cake, and awesome fun people. Horseshoes was a big event as many of the people in attendance had never even heard of the game before. I, however, found that I could not play that well, as I did not have a beer in one hand, and my hair was both too short in the back, and too long in the front. (Just kidding... although not about the part about me sucking.) And both Miyano and Hiro were so sweet in that they had the cake read my name as well. I will post pictures later.

Sunday I attended Samuel Reagan Malnight's baptism. It was short, sweet, and too the point; and was followed by food and (you guessed it) cake, at the Malnight household. I got to see all my kiddies, hold that adorable baby, and hang out with Laura... and even managed to make her cry with my card (not exactly the reaction I was shooting for, but go me, i suppose). There were also mimosas... ahh the mimosas. When I get to drink champagne and juice during early hours of the day, in a socially acceptable format, well what could make a girl happier? If you had asked me Sunday, after mimosa number one, I would have told you that all was right with the world.

This past weekend shall hence forth be known as the babies and cake weekend. And it was good.


Also on Saturday Travis and I went car shopping for my *sniff, sniff* replacement vehicle. After many hot hours in the sun, and some disappointing findings... I found my new car.

2001 Toyota Echo
(this picture is from online, not of my actual car. But this is the car and the color, so good enough, right?!)

It is a Certified PreOwned Toyota... which means, not new, but practically new. Less then 30,000 miles on it... and runs like new, and all touched up. Plus it is under warrenty until 2007. I like that. It is actually not even ready yet... I got to it before it was out on the real lot. But hopefully it will be ready by this weekend. Yay!!!

On another random note:

For any of you who watch(ed) Friends, I would like to report that I now have my own "naked guy". There are apartments directly across the street from where I work (on the 6th floor)... and the guy in the apartment with windows almost straight infront of the window that my desk is facing, was walking around in the buck today! I definitely did a double take on that one!
Um, naked guy, do you not see my window? Do you not see me staring at you with my mouth hanging open? Do you not realize that I am human, and therefore, incapable of controlling myself and looking away at such inappropriate moments?! Have some decency! Close your window. Show restraint where I cannot!!


  1. There is a blog you have to look at called Klog. She has a naked guy and she took pictures. she calls him merv. I tried to add the link.

  2. This is so funny!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm not technically on the mainline anymore, I live in Phoenixville. I grew up in Media so I am very familiar with Collingdale. Went to school in Newtown Square. Anyway, it must be fun working downtown. Sometimes I wish I did. I work from home and not much goes on outside my window.

  3. It is pretty fun working in downtown... I love all the activity, and the fact that anything I need during the day is right here for me. But I love it more due to the fact that I get to leave it all behind at night! I'm really not a city girl at all... I grew up in a place called Schnecksville, which has one stop light and is just a small country town. I loved it though! I would give up the city in a second to get a house in the country, if only I could find a job there.


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