lord i need a weekend (oh look, there's one!)

Ludwika: know what time it is?

Me: lunch time?

Ludwika: (giggle)

Me: no, what is it? (very eager for some excitement in my life) something exciting?

Ludwika: no, Megan, i'm asking, (enunciating each work carefully) what - time - is - it?


  1. huh? as the summer grows hot you grow increasingly abstract. are ludwikas forest-dwellers?

    (under my breath) giggling ludwikas...what time is it indeed.

  2. barry, you are not allowed to comment on my posts and be funnier then me. that is just not fair. of course, by saying funnier, that implies that i was indeed funny, of which i am not so sure.

    a ludwika is a beautiful polish former intern/officemate.


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