sometime i just want to do my hair like princess leah so that i can have buns over my ears and i don't have to hear you

Sometime it is good to look on the bright side of life, like i did a few posts ago... but sometimes I don't want to. Instead i want to bitch and moan.

I wish people would get over their own shit, especially when it has to do with me and something that is my problem, and by refusing to accept the way life is, they are making my life 100x harder, when they could instead, just as easily, make my life even the slightest bit easier by getting a grip on reality.
I like easier.
I also like run on sentences, especially when they have lots of commas ,,, .

I mean, if choice A is making yourself feel like shit, and making life harder for me, but being able to ignore a situation which is a little difficult for you, but actually isn't about you at all... and choice B is getting over said situation, realizing that it isn't your problem, and therefore making your life easier, and making my life easier... well, wouldn't you chose B?! I know I would.
*taking a deep breathe because i realized i was starting to hyperventilate and spit*

I mean, I wasn't going to get more specific, but I'll just say this much. It's Trav & my wedding. No one else's. And if someone wants to throw themselves a pity party because they **** ***** to *** *** **. Boo-f***in-hoo. I feel like shit enough about this wedding, since you know, we can't pay for it.
Truly, how do you pay for one of these things? Has anyone else done it here? If so, I would love the advice.
It's hard to save when you have nothing left at the end of the month.

It's frustrating. It's draining. All I want to do is get married. Why does everywhere have to be so expensive? Why can't I know someone with a huge backyard that I can get married in, that happens to be a caterer, and own 100 folding chairs??

Why can't something, for once, just be easy and just turn out the way i hoped.

People say not to get caught up in the day, that its just one day... but its our day, and honestly, all we want is something small and simple. But even small and simple costs a fortune. And a fortune we clearly do not have.


  1. Try an aquarium, musueum or historical place-Look outside of the "normal" locations as places that aren't usuaully used for weddings may be very open to the idea and also a lot less expensive. As far as a recption have it on a Friday or Sunday, but if you have to do Saturday do more of a lunch because it is cheaper and don't do open bar or just do beer and wine. The smaller the wedding, the less it costs which may not be ideal, but you can always have a seperate get together with friends,etc at a later time at your house or something.
    Or you can always do a destination wedding, obviusly not as many people can attend, but you get a vacation out of it and have a "reception" with those who could not attend at a later date-Have an informal BBQ in warmer weather so that those who did not attend can meet your husband and wish you well...with that said, I have been reading too many bridal magazines


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