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Happy Monday everyone... I am back at my desk today (Miyano having returned from Hawaii), and that is almost enough to make Monday good. ;-) Add to that the fact that today has flown by, and that my boss will be our Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I'm feeling pretty upbeat right now.

Here is a little "motivation" for your Monday:

(If you can't read it, it says: If a Pretty Poster and a Cute Saying are All It Takes to Motivate You, You Probably Have a Very Easy Job. The Kind Robots Will be Doing Soon.)

Anyway, my weekend was good, and yesterday was very productive. We managed to sleep in a little, which was nice, and then got all inspired and emptied all the boxes from our living room, and organized all our bills and important papers which had been piling up, into a nice plastic file box. We also got a bunch of laundry done, organized the books onto our bookshelf, and unpacked our winter clothes from the boxes they were in, in the basement (talk about stale).

We've really just been so lazy about our house for so long... ever since it got ridiculously HOT. So we decided enough was enough, and that it was time to start working on it again. (Especially after seeing how gorgeous Brian and Stacey's house is!) We are going to start reserving Sunday's as house days... and we figure if we can in a slow and relaxed way, work our way through the boxes and the chores that we need to do for the house, we are less likely to get so burnt out. This way, hopefully by the end of the year, we will have most of the non-money draining work done, to (be cliche) "make our house into a home"... and make it really ours. The painting and the big stuff will have to wait until after the wedding, or until we win our Home Depot gift card, but the rest we hope to get done.

Anyway, well time for me to get back to work... just an hour left. And in case you were wondering, the talk with my boss on friday went well. I don't know that everything is suddenly grand, but at least now he knows how I feel, and understands where I am coming from. We each made a few suggestion, and we're both working on a different things to make each others lives easier. So, we'll see if things improve. *fingers crossed*

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