autumn haikus:

autumn come sooner
long mondays take too much time
goodbye to summer

Some monday afternoon haiku's for you. Both are about autumn, because that is the mood I am in.

when failure is sweet
the clouds taste like honey pots
autumn is my time

Today is going pretty damn fast... which is always welcome. This morning I felt very sick... nauseous and just plain off, but had way too much to do before my bosses return on Wednesday (or Thursday) to think about not coming in. So when I got here, I just threw myself into the forementioned work, and time has flown! Some noodles and some mint green tea, and I am feeling much better! Hopefully the rest of the day will pass just as quickly and I get get lots done.

So, this past weekend was great. Friday night was way too much fun. First I came home to find a dozen roses waiting for me, just because! How sweet is that. I think Trav knows I've been stressing a lot lately, about money and wedding stuff, so that was the sweetest gesture. Then we headed to Arby's (for me) and McDonald's (for him) to grab some dinner, before heading down to Rochelle and Pat's for poker... Pat's sister Cristen, her boyfriend Justin, friends Justin and Lydia, Brian, and Squirell were all there too. When we got there Cristen and Ro had already been hitting up the wine, which I happily joined in on. It was a great time, we played poker for hours, and Trav won again (he's good like that). At some point we finished the wine and started on Strawberry Daiquiris. Woo-boy.
I haven't downloaded my pictures yet, but here's one Ro took:

After the game was over, we ended up just hanging out, playing Scrabble, watching tv and drinking more. Ro got bombed, which was hilarious! Pat, Jut, and I got sucked into the weird movie: No Escape starring Ray Liotta. By the time it ended it was about 3a.m. and eveyone else was asleep... then Pat and I ended up talking on the porch until almost 4a.m., and which point I told him that I was about to pass out where I sat, so we called it a night. I was up at 7 (for about a half-hour), but luckily was able to fall asleep again until about 9 a.m. Still not a lot of sleep.

Saturday we headed home and got ready, then headed off to see a reception place. Their packages are amazing and include so much. The place is pretty nice too. So that is definitely an option. I would love to find a place where we could have an outdoor ceremony though, so we are still looking. We'll see, I guess. At least we know that this place is an affordable option. After that it was up to my parents place to relax and visit, where we stayed for a late dinner. I made Travis drive us home though, because after that I could hardly keep my eyes open. When we got home around 10-10:30ish, I was right up to bed (asleep before my head hit the pillow... I had a lot of days to catch up for) and slept until about 9:30 the next day, which felt great. After this morning though, I think maybe it still wasn't enough sleep.

Sunday was pretty lazy. Cleaned the bathroom... Travis scrubbed the shower/bath, I cleaned the sink (and sink area), toilet, and wiped down with bleach all the bottles before putting them back in the shower. It's definitely better. (I'm sure you really wanted to know all that.) Then we vacumned the living room, and watched some episodes of Monk (there was a mini-marathon). Trav made steaks and potatoes and corn for us for dinner... and by then the night was just about over.

Well, I should run... but hope the weekend was good to you all!! Ciao.


  1. dude, first boob tenderness and now morning sickness, you might need to forget about all this fancy wedding planning and make an apointment at the court house. Is there a baby travis on the way?

  2. Um, soooooo not funny. I'm on the pill, so I really really doubt that I am pregnant. Besides my boobs aren't hurting anymore, and they certainly aren't bigger. We had a huge scare when we still lived at the apartment... I was sick for maybe a week straight, but only in the morning or occationally right before bed, but not both. It was bizare, but I wasn't pregnant then, and I'm not now!!
    I'm pretty sure that it is the insomnia catching up with me. It's always made me sick when I get sleep deprieved.

  3. you probably aren't, it is just fun to tease you, but Clarissa (baby sophia's blog) was on the pill when sophie was created. My boobs did not really get bigger when I got pregnant (something that left me incredibly disapointed), but after a couple of months, I asked casey, "do my nipples look different? they do don't they?" Some of the changes were tough to take note of, it is like you forget what things were like before, so you aren't sure if it is a change. So pay attention...hehehe...

  4. ps. If my boobs don't grow when I am pregnant, I'm going to be really really pissed off!!!


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