Ode to my Car

You were my first. You took me ever so gently, accepting my faults - my tendencies to speed, my abuse of your sound system, my inability to turn into a skid.
You loved me anyway.

We got to know each other, as can only be done with constant companionship. We were together everyday, and you always did your best for me. You never let me down...
Even now.

I will always remember you and love you, for what you were, for what you are. We fit together perfectly, your seats the perfect cushionedness, your re-glued rearview always showing me the way. I knew exactly how to parallel park you...
Your dimensions were my dimensions.

But, you are old now and I know that it is time to let you go. You stopped yesterday, a block before home, and you took a little piece of me with you. I know that you are most likely beyond repair... that whatever parts need to be replaced are probably worth more then you (blue book only, of course).
To me, you will always be priceless.

This weekend, I will look for someone new. But no one will replace you. You will always be my first. If I still lived in the country you would end up in my lawn, so I could look at you mournfully. But we are in the suburbs now, and they frown on that.
So, soon, we will have to part for good.

Goodbye my sweet, sweet girl. You were my first, and I will always miss you.

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  1. I laughed. I cried. Very touching eulogy/tribute to the car.


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