feelin HOT HOT HOT

Hello All! Hope your weekend was wonderful. Mine was pretty damn good, except for the fact that it was HOT HOT HOT. This was one weekend when the no air conditioning thing really, really sucked.

Saturday was fun, dress shopping with my mom... we found some nice dresses, but not
thee dress, so we will look again another weekend. Then it was dinner with the fam, made of my favorite dishes: tuna turnovers, macaroni and yeasty cheese, corn, and apple crisp for desert. Very good.
Then Sunday Trav and I hit up BJs, and then JCPennys. He took me shopping for my birthday, and was actually an active participant! I was so excited. He didn't just stand there while I tried things on, but brought me other pieces of clothing. I ended up getting two new pairs of pants (both of which he picked out), two cami-tops (which he picked out), a satin-like tank top, a peasant shirt, and a wrap cardigan. He actually had a better success rate in picking out clothes for me, then I did! Yay. Happy Birthday to me. :-)
Last night it was so hot that I just couldn't fall asleep. I lay there from about 9:30 until 11ish, when I finally started to drift off, only to be awoken again at 12 when the most amazing storm hit! It was like someone was flicking on and off the lights, the lightning was almost constant and it was so bright that it was hurting my eyes. And the rain was coming down in sheets so thick that it looked like fog.

Today is good so far... going quickly, which I like... and it actually still had some of that post rain coolness to the air. Tonight should be great. Birthday dinner with Travis at Red Lobster (I have a craving), then home to watch the Eagles vs. Steelers game. Woo-hoo! It has been a long off season.
Well, back to work for now, but here are some pictures of my old car, and my new car.

My old girl, whom is gone by not forgotten:

And my new girl:

So cute, right?! And here is me taking the pictures:


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