rabbit rabbit rabbit

I cannot believe that it is August already. This is ridiculous! The year is flying, and I have so much yet to accomplish. Of course the fact that last week was vacation made it go twice as fast as any other week. But we got lots done and it was a great time. Definitely a fabulous vacation (and not the flamboyant fabulous, but the fabulous that Angelina Jolie is and Britney Spears is not).

Tuesday we left after work and the trip went pretty smoothly, we got there around 12:30ish, so about a 7 hour drive. We entertained ourselves by finding fun license plates, singing loudly and obnoxiously to the radio, and had entertaining conversations... none of which I can remember now... but most of which involved Travis questioning my sanity.

Wednesday the first thing on our minds was getting to Baxter's for lunch and getting some of that clam chowder that i have been daydreaming about for the past few months. Love that stuff. Then we were off to spend almost $50 in the "penny-candy store", stop at the one t-shirt store, and then back to the house. We all (Travis and his parents, myself, and the 3 un-holy terrors- Sheldon 11, Nicky 9?, and Teagan 3) headed down to the little beach part of the lake. Teagan was adorable with her little life jacket on, and I swam her out to the raft, which she was happy to jump off of (if one of us would catch her). At the end of the night we took a trip over to the "Four Seas" to grab pints of ice cream.
Thursday Trav and I went and toured the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory, and then in the evening the lot of us went to the Barnstable Fair. It was a good time, but a little scary, as I found myself sounding a lot like my parents (Trav and I took the boys, Trav's parents took Teagan to the little kid section). "Nicky, stop shuffling your feet, you're kicking up dust." "Sheldon, watch where you're going." "Will you two slow down." "No, you can't ride that, it's too expensive." Help me now!! Of course, Travis has his own was with the boys... because they are boys... "If you don't knock it off, I'm going to drop you in the middle of the lake/feed you to the fish/let your brother beat you up/hang you upside down until you puke/etc ..." It was entertaining, but I think by the end of the night Travis had decided that we were never having children. All the ground I gained with the adorable Brenna and Sarah was lost. It was a little scary too, because I realized that when we have children, they will be Hannan children! Not normal children. Not adorable little angels. No, I will be having little Hannan's, aka Spawns of Satan. It was a little scary to say the least. We actually looked at each other at one point and both said "adoption?".
The rest of the night was entertaining though, as we went home and put the kids to sleep, then proceeded to have "a few" cocktails each. The conversation was entertaining to begin with, then eventually turned to sex, and it was all down hill from there.

Friday was nice in that the spawns left, and Trav and I were finally alone. We had a great time with all the fam there, but it was nice just to have the two of us. We headed to the beach and relaxed there for a while. I got a nice tan, a little burnt on my back, and Travis proceeded to show off his Irishness, by slowly roasting himself to the perfect "done" color for a lobster. It was rather impressive because (due to the length of guy's swim trucks) it only make his already ghostly thighs look whiter. Perhaps inspired by Trav's new skintone, we went to the local fish market and picked up a 3.5lb lobster, which we devoured messily for dinner. Then it was off to Hyannis, to walk around main st. and shop a bit. We got tons of stuff, most of it for our friend's, because it is so easy to say, "oh wouldn't that be perfect for so-and-so."

Saturday we got up, got ready, and headed to the end of the Cape to hit up Provincetown. Love that place! It is fabalous in that flamboyant way! We walked thru tons of shops, and I picked up shirts for my parents. My dad's read: "Meet the Fuckers" followed by Bush, Rove, and Condi's faces. My mom's read: "I voted November 2, 2005, and all I got was this lousey president." Very amusing. After that we headed to Hyannis to pick up more clam chowder from Baxter's, and grab myself a hoody I had eyed up earlier. Then home for the night. We fished, or travis fished, and I proceeded to hook the same 3 tiny-ass-fish (perch and sunnies) approximately 27 times. I went through a lot of worms, and now have some killer bugbites, but we got some great pictures of the sunset, Trav's bass, and of the eels we both caught. Yuck.

Sunday, unfortunately, was time to leave. Luckily his aunt was coming later in the day so we didn't have to do a lot of the "closing up" stuff... so we were able to get on the road by 9:45 or so. Then it was off towards home, with a stop at my parents for dinner. It took us about 6.5 hours to get there and another hour + from their place to ours. Not too bad.

Also during this week I found myself becoming obsessed with Harry Potter, finally starting to read the books, and getting through the first on Wednesday, the second on thursday, and the thirday on friday. If I had thought I would have read them that fast, I would have brought the fourth, because I actually had to force myself to put down the third at points, just to make sure I didn't finish too soon (and run out of reading)! Reading the fourth now, and so far, so good. I've seen the movies at least 4-5x each, and enjoyed them so much, but reading the books make them even better.
In honor of my new Harry Potter obsession:

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Getting home was nice (or would have been had we not had to think about the whole returning to work thing), made especially so by our great neighbors. Our neighbor on the right was great enough to not only collect our mail for us while we were gone, but also move my car from one side of the street to the other to avoid the two days of street cleaning. Not to mention that our mail was sitting next to a bag with a card, candle, and some fresh from her garden tomatos as a housewarming present. So sweet!

So now, unfortunately it is back to work.

It is quiet today, as I am sitting at the front desk in Miyano's absence. I always kind of moan a bit about sitting upfront when Miyano is out (because it always falls to me to do so), but it actually isn't that bad... and almosts like a day of relaxing, as she doesn't have all the programs on her computer that I do on mine... so there are some things that I just can't work on. Fine by me, makes for an easier first day back. Okay, I should get back to work.


  1. Now that's a vacation. Just reading it relaxed me, it sounded so wonderful.

  2. Wait. What's with the rabbits?

  3. Lol, it is an old superstition (scottish, i believe) that on the first day of the month you are supposed to say "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit..." first thing in the morning, and it is supposed to bring you good luck.

  4. Reading about everything that you and travis did makes me feel like such a slacker! I wish that we had done a quarter of the things that you got to do! We drove through Hynannis while searching for the mall because we left Casey's suit shoes in philly, and it looked so cute! Maybe when Brenna is older it will be fun to take her around and do all those quaint things.


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