hump day

Today really has been a real hump of a day (Wednesday really living up to its name)... i'm a bit tired, and grouchy. The desk-stealer was in, and as nice as he is, he always manages to rub me the wrong way just by being here. I try not to mind him, but our first meeting being what it was, and all annoyances since, have just added up to at little too much for me to handle. That plus the fact that I'm still dealing with annoying insurance crap (which hopefully will be completely dealt with by this weekend), makes for one craptastic day. Oh well.
At least it is almost over.

My biggest comfort is knowing that after today, the weekend is so close and will be here before I even know it. Saturday we are heading to my parents for my birthday dinner. Before that, my mom and I will most likely head out to a nearby bridal shop to check out dresses. Then Sunday we are most likely having dinner with Ro & Pat. It's been way way too long since we've seen (gotten to actually hang out with) them, so that will be great.

So I finally finish reading Harry Potter... all the way through the sixth book:

I was completely shocked, and a definitely saddened by then end of the book... but now I am dying for the seventh to come out! I need closure, I need to have all my suspisions confirmed or denied! For any of you who haven't read them, I give them my highest recommendation. I was a little wary at first... thinking they were for little kids, but they are honestly just so well written, that no matter your age, you just get sucked into them.

In fact, here is a picture Travis' neice, Teagan, took of me on our vacation in Cape Cod (she hasn't quite mastered the whole aim thing yet)... where I couldn't put Potter down!!

Such great books. Serious... I want to be a witch now. :-) I'm already rereading them, literally can't get enough.

Also exciting is the fact that I will (hopefully) have my new car by this weekend! I love having Trav drive me to the train station in the mornings, just getting that extra time together is great, as normally he leaves before I am even really up. However, it also means leaving the house about 40 minutes earlier then normal! I can do without that. Not to mention that, while we're lucky that it hasn't been a problem for this particular chain of circumstances (for once our schedules worked in our favor), we're often doing seperate chores or activities on the weekends. I need my own car for that. We do the big things together, but Travis really doesn't want to have to go to hair cuts with me, and I don't think I could be patient enought to get up first thing in the morning on a Saturday to hit up a ton of yard sales. While I do enjoy them, I am more of an afternoon yard saler, and can handle one or two per trip... but Travis is a anytime, anyplace, as many as possible yard saler! Everyone needs a hobby.

Well, I should get some more work done before the day is over. Ciao!

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  1. wow, the rest of your week sounds like fun! I cannot picture travis going to yard sales early in the morning, it seems like such an old person thing to do (like 60ish),but to each his own. good luck with the insurance and car stuff!


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