the talk

So I decided that I'm going to have a talk with my boss... hopefully today, but if not, definitely next week. I need more definition in my job... I need to know what I am responcible for vs. what some of my coworkers are responcible for. Often the two overlap, and I am left grudgingly getting all my stuff done along with this other stuff that may or may not be my responcibility. That added to the fact that they keep giving me more big, long term projects (see previous post, same job, twice the workload, yay!), its just becoming too much. I have high hopes about this talk, and am actually excited to work out with my boss exactly what my job responcibilities are so I can give 100% to those things, do better work on them in the process, and hopefully feel a lot less stressed at the end of the day. Right now I'm always left feeling rushed, chaotic, and like I'm forgetting something. It's not a great way to feel. Last night I was in a real funk, and I decided enough was enough. So, we are going to have "the talk".

Wish me luck.

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