i don't want to work... i just want to bang on my drum all day

Friday friday friday FRIDAY!

Can you tell I'm a little excited that today is friday? This week has been unnaturally long and stressful. I kept having paranoid dreams last night that I couldn't get rid of my old broken down car, but that people kept driving it, and getting tickets that came to me because it was still in my name. I had to literally force myself to relax, so that I could really sleep. I was more then a little tired today, which would have been bad enough, except that I am also sitting upfront at Miyano's desk starting today until a week from Monday, while Miyano is on vacation. Not horrible per se, but a little boring, and I can't do all the work that I need to do, since Miyano doesn't have all the same programs that I have.
Not that I am complaining about having a little extra time to post and play games, but it makes the day go a bit slower.
Also fun are the new money worries that come with having another monthly payment to remember and take care of (this comes in because last night I was finally able to pick up my new car!!! yay!!!). Think I've decided that Travis and I will just have to have our wedding in our backyard and charge $10 for tickets, or $15 at the door. Tickets go on sale starting August 15th.
This weekend is all about relaxing, not worrying about anything. Tonight I am going to take pictures of my new car (name ideas are welcome, it is a girl), and upload all my pictures. Hopefully you will have something to look at come Monday. Otherwise, I think you all know my weekend plans.
Well, should get back to it and try to get something done! Happy Weekend all.

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