getting my friday on

So glad its friday... today has been very busy again. More projects just keep coming, and more emails to take care of. My inbox is more full then its been in a long time, and I just can't wait for Miyano to get back in (Tuesday, today was too soon... what with the 20+ hour flight).

But I have a three day weekend ahead. VERY nice. Tomorrow Trav and I are hitting up the Flyers vs. Penguins hockey game. We're excited to see our teams play, although I'm not so excited to see my team lose. We are at the bottom of the barrel right now with an 11-24 record... and although Pittsburgh is just right above us at the moment, they atleast have a winning record (18-17). Either way, the game will be fun, and the weekend will be great. Plus I have monday off, which means one more day of sleeping in! Maybe I'll get more straightening done too.

Last night was great, and made me even more excited for Trav's last day of work next Wednesday. Trav came home last night with a loaf of crusty bread... and we broke out the bottle of garlic & parmesan infused olive oil. So good. Plus we opened a bottle of wine and just relaxed together. It was great, and after that I slept so well last night!

I was playing around on the some friends blogs and wandered to an old high school friend's sister-in-laws blog. I think she is nowme1213 on xanga. Well she had this great entry about all she learned in 2006. I loved one section from it and just had to share.

i learned that you can't make someone love you at a capacity they aren't ready for..friends come friends go, the true ones stick like tacky glue. ... people sting, don't waste your energy on stinging them back, you're drinking self made poison. sometimes it's not something that you've done wrong, sometimes it's called growing up.

Very insightful I think, something I would do good to internalize. I really am lucky, I have so many "tacky" friends. :-)

(From left to right, starting with the top picture)... Trav of course!, my babs (in above picture, caught in a wind storm!), Stella, Lauren, Ro, and Laura. They are all so great. And plenty more! I really am blessed with too many people I can count as friends to even picture.

On another note, Trav and I are in full go mode on the Ireland planning. We are looking all over the place to try and figure out what will be the best and least expensive way to do our visit. Right now we are thinking September... and we are 98% sure we will do a self-drive tour. We don't want to be stuck seeing places we aren't interested in just because they are on a preset route, so we don't want to do a group tour. Self-drive seems like the best choice. That way we can decide what is important for us to see, map it out and decide the best route/what is feasible, then book our B&Bs beforehand.
So, have any of you been to Ireland? How did you travel? Where did you go? How did you book your trip? Any other advice to offer us?

Okay, back to finish off the day!

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