my super productive day

So much to show and report.
First off, a la last weekend... new cut and color:

You like?

Now, this weekend. Very much not a great weekend for Philly sports-wise. Saturday started off with me sleeping in until about 9 (ahhhh, so nice!)... and walking up to find that Trav, apparently unable to sleep past 7, had gone grocery shopping and put away all the boxes of Christmas stuff. What a guy!
But back to the sports stuff. At 2 the Flyers played the Penguins (Trav's team) at home... and we had tickets!

(Enjoying the game!)

Unfortunately, as fun as the game was (and it was great fun to watch)... well, the Flyers lost. Again. But it was a pretty close game until the very end, and we had a great time.

That night we went home, and cooked some chicken and potatoes on the grill because it was pretty damn nice out. Then of course, it was time to watch the Eagles game... and I'm sure you all know what happened there. Urgh. Again, we played pretty well until the end. But apparently it was not meant to be. I'm still proud of my boys, especially considering where it seemed they would be back at the beginning of the season. They made it so much farther then I thought, and hopefully next year we'll go all the way... whether it is with McNabb or Garcia (I'm definitely not chiming in on that one!... yet!).

Sunday I slept in again... but Travis did too this time. It was nice because the poor guy had to work later that day. But at least this was his last weekend working at JCPenny! I was just damn lazy all day. :-) It was great.

Today I had off for MLK day, and I took advantage of that! In a furthering of my New Years Resolution to declutter, I cleaned the bedroom and hall closet. It was hard work, taking about 5 hours today, but it was very worth it and boy did it feel good to toss out the two big bags of trash that resulted.

First the befores:

Cluttered dresser, and cluttered floor. Laundry everywhere. (I don't have a hall closet before, but picture a closet that matched my bedroom!)

And the after:

(This last pic is the bag of stuff that I through away from our hall closet... its amazing how much junk you end up toting around... expired meds, old cosmetics, etc.)

I'm so proud of myself!! It was a lot of work, but it made me feel so good to get it done. I can't wait for Trav to get home so I can show him what I accomplished today.

Next will be the guest room and office. The office will be better once we move a few things around so we don't have a filing cabinet/table thing in the middle of the room, the guest bedroom needs more work as it has become our room of clutter, where we stick extra things "for now" and had all of our books. That will take some work, but after what I got done today... I'm much more pumped to do more.

On another note, hopefully all went well for Brian and Stacey who moved to their new place on Friday. At six months pregnant, I'm sure that Stacey didn't do too much of the moving... but hopefully it went smoothly.

Okay, well it's on to the dishes! Ciao!

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  1. I'm all about the decluttering, too. The process isn't very fun, but it's amazing how great it feels once everything is organized again!


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