Imagine a planet...

...Where superheros wear Khaki instead of Capes.
A la Animal Planet... the ad for Steve Irwin's final project that was broadcast on Sunday night (the 21st). I watched it, and yes, the sap that I am... I did tear up. It was good though.

Oh, and we finally got some snow this weekend. Just flurries, but it was the first real snow of the season. More this morning too.... active snowing this morning, but not really sticking much. It's done now though, and actually looks pretty sunny and nice out. Still cold as hell!! And supposed to get colder over the course of the week. Fridays high, 25*!!

Yesterday was so quiet... no Alan or Jan, Harvey out middle of the day, and no Harry. I left 20 minutes early because I couldn't take it anymore! And, I went to the gym! Yay me. Legs, abs, arms. No cardio though, because those damn machines are always full. One of these days I'll get on the treadmill, but at least I get walking in everyday, so the weights are probably more important.

Oh, and incase Ro is reading this... I left you this note on your blog:
Where've ya been?! :-)

It's snowing out!! Want to do something soon? It's been way too long since we've got together to play. Let me know! Love ya!!

So many little bits and pieces to write on.

This morning I woke up to a not so great surprise. No Water! Lucky me. I called Trav, who apparently had plenty of water this morning... but there were guys on the street doing something when he left. Well, apparently what they were doing was turning off my water! And then leaving! A broken pipe, which I found out should be fixed by the time we get home tonight, but our street had nothing this morning... which meant using some water from the fridge for brushing teeth and a "military shower". Fun. I feel all off now. A nice warm shower would have felt good on the slightly sore muscles, and been good for waking up, but at least it was just one morning.

On a nicer note, Trav and I are working to plan our trip to Ireland. We don't want to go too long without booking something up. Anyone been there? Any suggestions for who to book with? We are probably going to sit down tonight and figure out where we really want to go and see if we can loosely map a route between where we want to go. I also emailed a few travel agents to see if they could help us. I want to just plan it, book it, and be done with the prep work... but its different then just planning a trip to Paris or London, since we want to hit a bunch of different areas, its not just a matter of booking one hotel. We'll figure it out though.

Well, I should get back to it. Ciao!

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