picture post... first of the new year

The craziness that is work when returning after holidays continued for me today. Both yesterday and today flew by so quickly... mostly because I had so much to get done. I did get a lot done, which is good, but the days felt very crazy and hectic. Tomorrow should be so much better. More relaxed and normally paced. Still have a bunch to do... but mostly caught up, so I should be able to take a breathe!

First thing I did when I got home today? Downloaded pictures!

Christmas Eve... Trav being cute with the dog.

The boys playing some poker on NYE.

New Year's Day... 12:01 a.m. (Travis just slightly intoxicated.)

Then... my Christmas necklace, and a whole lot of goosebumps! Lol.

Good stuff. And now... dinner. Then maybe, in starting off the new year right, cleaning up some of the post holiday clutter!

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