much needed weekend

This weekend brought me to a much better place.

I felt like I accomplished something housewise and otherwise (huge shopping trip with enough lunches for the next three weeks, and cleaned out under the bed/big pile of junk in the bedroom), got to relax with my boy (sleeping in on saturday and yester, and watching the games yesterday), got a fresh cut/color in my hair, got to see my dad, get the great news that my DC uncle is getting married (joining my family with the family of a girl I was best friends with growing up, who's mom has been a good family friend for ages), and the Eagles WON!!

Plus I went to see the Quad's and had a WONDERFUL visit. Got to talk lots with Laura, found out that I'm one of the few to know about the move already (which did make me feel special, I'll admit), and just spent time with one of my absolute favorite families/group of people. She sent me home with a bunch of books that I'm looking forward to reading, and some great Thai chicken for dinner. I feel a lot better about that... especially since they aren't moving until end of June or beginning of July (although Rick is going in March!). It will still be hard to watch them go, but I know things will be okay.

So today I am feeling much better. Plus, the office is very quiet, and I'm pretty much caught up on work... so I feel like I can take a breath! Finally!

Thanks for your words of support... they helped a lot. Mary, it's good to know that others have come through the same kind of situation and still remained close. I'm sure it will work out the same for the quads and myself as well.

Tonight I'm going to try to get more straightening done in our bedroom. It makes me very happy to throw out bags of old junk and come away with a much more organized space. I do like to save stuff, memories from past years, but I'm learning to tell the difference between worthwhile things to save and junk that should be tossed. I'm also defining what is really my style and creating some cleaner lines in the process. Wish me luck!

Okay, lunch time. Ciao!

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