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Here it is Friday... Friday? No, Thursday... damn. Anyway, here it is Thursday and I'm posting what I wanted to post yesterday, but didn't get the chance to because 1) I was out at an event all morning and not at my computer, and 2) when I returned mid-afternoon blogger was being, well, a bitch. So, no post for you yesterday, sorry.

Lets see... Tuesday night was fun. Trav and I ate some dinner and watched the Labyrinth. I loved that movie as a little girl, and it is still one of my favorites. David Bowie as Jareth... hot! The makeup, the hair, the intensity... oh yeah.
But what I think is so funny now... the balls. Yes, I said it. Try to watch that movie now and tell me that you don't spend a good portion of it staring at his crotch. How can you not with those stretch pant things he's wearing. I will say, the man has nothing to be ashamed of.

Best picture I could find. Not that good... but you get the idea!

Anyway, it's still a good movie! :-)
So *cough cough*, the rest of the night. We talked about Ireland some, deciding where the important places were that we wanted to go, and then he went to bed early. I went to bed at a more normal time, and in the ~hour(ish) in between played online and looked up things about John Lennon (because he was on my mind for some reason). That man did like to be naked in his later days (see "Two Virgins" and other various 'for peace' and 'for music' shots taken with Yoko).

Anyway, the picture below is one of my favorites of him, and maybe one of my all time favorites. And yes, this is random, but what are you going to do about it?

Shot by Annie Leibovitz... who is just amazing.

What other contemporary photographer has produced as many indelible images of American pop culture? You know these pictures, from Whoopi Goldberg in the milk bath, to a nude and very pregnant Demi Moore, to the most famous picture of all: John Lennon, bare as a baby, curled around Yoko Ono, taken hours before he was killed. (The American Society of Magazine Editors recently voted the Lennon and Moore covers, which graced Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair respectively, the No. 1 and 2 magazine images of the past 40 years.) Leibovitz has become the master of the highly theatrical portrait, carefully staged in elaborate settings with witty props—pictures that have often come to define the image of her sitters.

From an article I wish I had remember to get the link for...

The interesting thing about this picture is that it was taken only a matter of hours before he died, and not printed until it was postmordem.

Anyway, less random.
Yesterday was fine. I went to the gym again... yay me. I'm trying to make a routine of it, so like it or not, off I go (MW&F). So far, so good, but I don't want to overdo it and end up in pain. A little sore, no problem... but once there is pain, I'm done for. It was good though. More weight work... I can't ever find a free treadmill. Annoying.
After that it was home again. Trav and I watched another movie... the first Star Wars. That was pretty much it though. Another relaxign evening.

As for today. It's going faster then I had hoped for. Especially considering I thought it was Friday. Oh well. Tonight? Probably another movie.... maybe some CSI... a lot more laziness I'm sure. And that is all I've got for you! Back to work for me.


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