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I'm not normally one to write on a weekend, but here I am because we are having a Lazy day (with a capital L)... which has me loafing around online and reading, and Travis having gone back to bed after breakfast, most likely only waking up for lunch... why, because he is enjoying the fact that he can!
So I figured I would take advantage and post because I have 1) pictures that I'm actually going to post in a timely fashion for once in my life, and 2) because I have the first death of a famous person that means something to me in 2007. Did that make sense?

Okay, so first some pictures. These are all from yesterday. I headed up to my parents first, and hung out with my brother. It was fun. I wish I took a picture of him... with his new beard and mustache. It's so funny to see him like that, but he really looks good. I just can't believe the kid is going to be 17 in just a few weeks!
Anyway, so then I headed over to Cassie's house to hang out with her and Sebz, and Cas' daughter Skyeler. It was a great time. It was different without Babs there, but we had a really good time and are going to do it again soon... probably here at my place.

So pictures... here are a few, you can find more at my yahoo picture page.

So there are my girls and I.

Now for the dead celeb.

Denny Doherty died early Friday at his home in suburban Mississauga after suffering an aneurysm in his abdomen, said his sister Frances Arnold. He was 66.

For those of you who don't know the name, I'm sure you would know the voice. Denny Doherty was one of "the Papas"... from the Mamas & the Papas. I was always a big fan of tM&tP... their song "California Dreamin" was always one of my favorites. To read the full article on him, click here.
So that would be the first big lost of 2007. For me at least. If you want to see a list of all "famous" (in one way or another) deaths in 2007, check it out here. Leave it to wikipedia to have a Death List... but I suppose it could be useful.

Okay, back to my loafing!!

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