So today is a pretty good day so far. I went to bed at a good time last night, and actually didn't have a horrible time falling asleep. I slept well and didn't have to hit my snooze button a dozen times this morning. It was great... I had actually forgotten what it felt like to get up and NOT have to rush through my morning routine! I even got to do some sun salutations this morning before I left, a recommendation of a friend, which I found relaxing. I feel like they will be a good workout for my arms if I do them everyday. But lets take this slowly.

Anyway, its great to have your day start off so nicely. And last night was good too. I did go to the gym after work, and although I wasn't there as long as I would like (didn't leave work until 5:25ish), I tried to make the most of my time there. Plus work was already a bit of a workout. We had a mailing that filled 12 mailbins... and I was carrying them back and forth, lifting and definitely starting to sweat a bit! When I got home Trav and I watched a movie and folded some laundry. Nothing super exciting, but nice. Quiet evenings together are appreciated as we haven't had many of them for a while now! Once again, can't help but saying, yay for no more JCPenny!

Now I'm heating up some lunch. A yummy looking Lean Cuisuine... Chicken with a Basil Cream sauce over Angel Hair pasta and peppers. I'm trying to do my best to not overdo it with changes to my routine... because if I get too overwhelmed, chances are I'll lose them all! So I figure... adding in some exercises, changing from regular microwave meals to Lean Cuisuines, and doing the Sun Salutations in the morning only if I feel like it and have time... well that's not too much. Hopefully it will all stick.

Anyway, I am really glad that it is Friday and I'm feeling good (legs are a little sore from yesterday, but not painful sore, just tired sore). I'm excited to spend another night with my boy, and tomorrow I'm going to have dinner with 2 of my 3 high school girls (minus Babs in Indy) plus a daughter. Should be fun. I love the weekends!

Now, I'm going to go eat. Enjoy your weekend!

*Sorry, sometimes I'm just not creative enough to come up with a title for what I am writing.

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