just not what i pictured

This is just not how I imagined my new year starting. I'm such an emotional rollercoaster right now. Sitting at work and trying not to cry... not exactly how I want my day to go!

First there was the fact that I think I might have lost a good friend. I'm not going to go into too much detail because people who read this might know to whom I'm referring (if you do, shhh!)... but it's just a horrible situation with this friend feeling torn between me and someone else she is very close to, and I think I'm going to be the loser in the situation. I feel like having to chose isn't the only option, but it's up to her to decide what she can and can't do. It's just such a horrible feeling and the whole situation sucks.

Then I got some good news. On Wednesday, Trav gave his two weeks notice at his second/part-time job! Right now he works MWF nights getting home about 10-10:30, and most weekends. Meaning we really only get time together two or three nights a week. So, it will be incredible for him to not have his second job... we will have our nights and weekends back!

Now, this morning, more bad news. The quadruplets (and fam) that I cared for throughout college, and who were my flower girls and ring bearer are moving! Right now they live about an hour away from me, but between us and my parents... so I see them very regularly, at least once a month. The mom and I are close, we talk a lot and I just adore the whole family. Now they are moving to Boston, which means I will probably only see them about once or twice a year.

I'm so sad, I'm about to cry. I will miss them, and I'm so afraid that they will forget me (the kids, not the mom obviously) as they are only 7. And this weekend I will be seeing them, but now I'm afraid I will start to cry in front of them and not be able to explain why because they aren't telling the kids yet since they aren't moving until the summer.

I'm just pretty upset right now and needed to vent.

I'm lucky in that I have a wonderful husband and tons of great friends... and Laura and the kids even thought they are moving will still be my close friends, but it's just so hard to not feel .... a loss?

I even started off the morning feeling pretty damn good. I had an easy morning and actually put on some makeup just for sh*ts and giggles. I even took two pictures (one at home right before leaving, one at work with better light... although you have to ignore the shine on that one.) to commemorate the occation! A self portrait to start off the new year.

Some change just isn't that great...


On another note all together (something I wanted to write about before I got my bad news), I'm pretty excited about our first female speaker of the house.

I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship.

I hope that truly can be the case, because that was one of the problems that I have had with Bush and his time in the office... it has all seemed so one-sided.

For our daughters and our granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling.

Plus, I have to admit that it is pretty exciting have a women as the third in line for president! It's a step in the right direction.

What do you think about our new Speaker?

Well, i have to get back to work. Maybe i'll have an honorary "new start to the new year" next week. That sounds good to me right now.


  1. focus on the positive. these people are only moving away - you can tell their mom how much you will miss the kids and hopefully she will have them send drawings or letters if they write, etc. and you can always send them goodies to remind them of you.

    i'm sorry about possibly losing a friend. i obviously don't know the whole situation, but like i tell my 2nd graders all the time (too often) why would you want to be friends with someone who doesn't want to be friends with you. if she can't realize what an awesome person/friend you are, then maybe you shouldn't be her friend anyway. i'm sure it's not this easy though so i wish you luck and will keep you in my thoughts.

    since our new year's eve/day sucked, we celebrated it on 1/2 and had a blast. maybe you can have a fresh start to 2007. good luck :)

  2. Hey Meg,
    When I went to Lehigh, I left behind an almost 5 year old and her almost 2 year old sister. Everytime I went home to Chattanooga on breaks (which weren't that often), I would visit them. Then at the end of my freshman year, my parents sold our house and moved to Harrisburg, PA! So I didn't even have a home to go to back to visit the girls!
    But we stayed in touch, and I made special visits when I could, and I would stay at their house so it was even more fun because then I was having "sleepovers" with the girls.
    They were the flower girls in my wedding three years ago, and I still write to them and e-mail them(the oldest is 12 now!!!)! (and try to meet up when we visit chattanooga, but they were out of town over thanksgiving and we didn't see them when we got the throwup big (which was a big bummer because we were going to stay at a Bed and Breakfast near them, but cancelled the reservation after taking brenna to the hospital!)
    So don't worry, it is just a new adventure in your relationship with them! Think of the fun trips to Boston that you can have with them, and you can even see them when you go to Cape with Travis!

    Take Care!


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