5, 4, 3, 2...

I just got done eating a big dish of leftover Carbonara for breakfast, and wasn't done until every last bit had been scraped from the bowl. Then after that I had to stare at the empty dish wistfully for a full 30 seconds, because oh g*d was that good and hot damn do I want more.
Every morning should start out so lovely.

Lunch yesterday was fabulous too... Apoc is a trip, kept me laughing the whole time. And of course, I love me some sushi in general... and Genji in particular. Salmon avocado rolls put me in a good mood. And yesterday they also put me in a food coma.

So its Friday... wonderful Friday. Fridays always seem to relax me, so even if there is lots to get done, I just don't feel as stressed or rushed. It helps that I feel really cute today in one of those new pairs of jeans, boots, and a sweater. I pulled my hair back into two buns and even dashed on a bit of lipstick (although it stands to be seen whether any of it lasted through the pasta).

This morning, while eating, I was reading through a few blogs and came to a realization: You know that you really want to be a parent, when entries like this and this don't scare you away... but make you wistful for what is to come. Still fine with waiting, but excited/wistful for when it will be our turn.
And inevitably, when your thoughts turn to such topics, you wonder what type of parent you will be. This kind is probably more then likely.

Anyway, enough of that.
It's been a while and I have a lot to look forward to, so how about a countdown?

2 weeks, 1 day until NYC and seeing Spring Awakening with Stella
3 weeks until Chattanooga, TN for work (seeing Mary, Casey, Brenna and possibly the ChattaFamily)
5 weeks, 3 days until St. Patty's day
6 weeks, 2 days until Easter
7 weeks until Las Vegas for one night, then Cabo with Ro & Pat!
9 weeks, 1 day until my next tattoo appt (for color)! Happy Valentine's Day to me.

36 weeks until the Breast Cancer 3-day... for which I am at 22% of my fundraising goal! Hot dog. :-)

Well, on that condiluted and tangential note... off to work, then weekend... ciao bambinos.

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